B2B Leads

Databases Are So 2020.

We Do ABM.

Trawling through databases, cold calling or fishing for contacts via spam newsletters in the hopes of getting a lucky lead is what others do.

SALT would never waste your time like that, or your money. We deliver only precision C-Suite leads via LinkedIn. Leads that connect you directly to the decision-makers, enabling you to capitalize on high return account-based marketing (ABM) – identifying your best prospects and customising a pitch/campaign for them.

And if we don’t deliver the right lead, you don’t pay.

We can afford to take this ‘no lead, no pay’ risk because we use AI-driven software designed for LinkedIn that always delivers top results.

And in today’s fiercely competitive market, you can’t afford to waste time/money on any other platform or have anything but the best B2B leads from LinkedIn.

Consider this:

Bottom line: Your business needs direct, customised leads to convert the top decision-makers. SALT’s AI-driven B2B Lead product delivers exactly that.

4 in 5 B2B leads from social media came through LinkedIn in 2020.

1 in 3 executives have a LinkedIn profile.

Decision-makers make up 43% of LinkedIn’s membership.

A recent Hubspot study shows LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than any other social media platform.

81% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to launch new products and services.

87% of marketers report that ABM outperforms every other marketing investment.

91% of marketers who use ABM sealed a larger than average B2B deal.

How SALT Gets B2B
Lead Results

Step 1

We consult to ascertain exactly what type of leads are needed for your specific industry sector, from top-level management to sales and marketing heads, in your business’ set geographic region(s).

Step 2

We programme our advanced AI software according to your exact specifications.

Step 3

Our AI scours LinkedIn 24/7 until it finds perfect matches, then we deliver these leads to you on a silver platter.

Step 4

You develop an ABM campaign/pitch to convert the lead, or you let us do that for you.

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With SALT’s unique pay-per-result offer, you literally have nothing to lose.