Old School
Sales & Marketing
Is Complicated.

SALT Is Simple.

We offer 3 pay-per-result performance marketing products for:

  • SEO
  • B2B Leads
  • Sales

No Result. No Pay.
We take the risks; you only take the rewards.
It’s as simple as that.

SALT Is Shaking Things Up


The market is saturated with one-size-fits-all digital agencies pitching unnecessarily complex strategies that cost a lot but fall short on results. SALT is different.

We’re pioneers of pay-per-result performance marketing, which means you, the client, only pay if and when we get the result. Nothing more, nothing less.



Because we’re SALT of the earth kinda people, we’ve kept our offering super simple. We’ve honed our expertise and many years of experience into 3 new-generation products that are performance-driven to produce real, trackable results.

Pay-Per-Result SEO

We use AI-driven software to select keywords that will deliver the top Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for your website. If a keyword performs well and gets your website on to Google’s Page 1, you pay for that keyword’s result. If a keyword doesn’t get a result, you don’t pay.

No risk, only rewards. It really is as simple as that.

Pay-Per-Result B2B LEADS

You set the exact parameters of the B2B leads your business needs according to industry, sector, position; we deliver the precise leads you need. You only pay per lead delivered.

No lead, no pay. We couldn’t make it any more straightforward.

Pay-Per-Results Sales

We create data-driven sales and marketing campaigns to capture your ideal customer’s interest. Then we convert that interest into sales.

No sale, no pay. You won’t find a more motivated sales partner.

Why Simple Is The Solution

When you cut through all the jargon and complex ‘strategies’, SEO, B2B leads and sales are the bedrock of any effective digital sales and marketing strategy.

Bottom line: The solution to effective digital marketing is stunningly simple: get solid results for SEO, B2B Leads and Sales, and your business is golden.


SEO Attracts Interest

92% of all traffic goes to Page 1 of Google search, while 75% of users will not scroll past Page 1.

If your website is not on Google Page 1, you’re losing business.


B2B Leads Create Opportunity

Lead generation is a priority for 85% of B2B marketers, largely because lead generation increases the size of opportunities in the sales funnel by at least 10%.

If you’re not generating top B2B leads, you’re losing business.


Sales Convert Interest

72% of businesses that generate less than 50 sales opportunities per month do not achieve their revenue goals.

If you’re not converting interest into sales, you’re losing business.

How we work differently


Much like trying to bash in a nail with a big blunt hammer, slamming your target audience with every digital sales and marketing tool available is ineffective and messy.

SALT works with clients to carefully select one – or a combination – of our 3 precision products to create a custom-made strategy that gets results with pin-point perfection.

Unlike traditional agencies that lock clients into contracts and get paid regardless of whether they produce the promised results, it is in SALT’s best interests to ensure you get the best possible results. Because if you don’t get results, we don’t get paid.
This makes us partners who are fully invested in ensuring you always get real results.

3 Reasons Your Business Needs A SALT Shake-Up

  1. You need real results that you only pay for on delivery.
  2. You need a performance-based strategy that doesn’t waste a dime or a minute of your time and delivers demonstrable return of investment.
  3. You need to eliminate risk by partnering with a performance marketing agency that is equally invested in ensuring you get results.

You need SALT. It's as simple as that.

About Salt


At SALT we reject complexity, jargon and the befuddling strategies that have become the norm in digital sales and marketing.

We embrace simplicity, strategy and data-driven tech solutions that deliver real, measurable results. Because we’re not your typical digital sales and marketing company. We’re different – and by different, we mean...

Better, Faster and far more Progressive.