We’re pioneers of
pay-per-result digital marketing

You’ve found us. Finally. Now you can stop throwing money at digital sales and marketing that gets zero results. You can also stop waisting your time on dead-end digital activities.

Because SALT is not one of those old school, one-size-fits-all digital marketing agencies. We’re a new breed of Pay-per-Result only specialists.

No result. No pay. It’s as simple as that.​

Key Services

You don’t have time to waste, and neither do we. To ensure SALT is the perfect partner for your digital sales and marketing needs, we first do an obligation-free analysis of your company, product, target market and goals.

If we’re not the right fit, we let you know immediately. No money spent; no time wasted. If we are confident SALT can meet your needs, only then do we proceed.

We’re SALT of the earth people; we like to keep it simple. So we’ve honed our many years of experience and expertise into 3 simple, strategic services that produce real, trackable results. 

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Lead Generation

SALT doesn’t trawl the web with a giant net and then dump a mixed bag of leads on your desk.

Like fly-fishermen, we’re precise and calculated. We use our many years in high-tech lead generation to create strategic campaigns that lure leads specifically for your business. Then we reel in the best among them, so that all you have to do is convert.

And you only pay per prize fish we deliver. No Lead. No Pay.

More on our targeted-quality over wasteful-quantity approach here.

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Online sales and marketing competition is fierce. We call it the ‘red ocean’ – the overcrowded, murky waters where everyone trawls, creating a virtual bloodbath. SALT doesn’t fish here.

We go much higher up, to the blue ocean where the waters are crystal clear and far less contested. This enables us to see exactly where customers are, who they are and whether they’re worth throwing out one of our specialised lines for.

We do this by using a combination of technology, training and sheer tenacity. It brings results; and you only pay per result. No Result. No Pay.

More on SALT’s progressive digital sales techniques here.

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Social Media Recruiting

Forget shallow-end sponsored posts and job ads that attract schools of tiny fish; SALT only does deep sea, big fish social media recruiting.

We use specialised technology and seasoned ‘fishermen’ to know where and when to go out, and what to go out with. This enables us to catch only the calibre of candidates you’re looking for.

Plus you always only pay for the catch you ordered, and only after they’re delivered. No Candidate. No Pay.

More on our sage social media recruiting solutions here.

Our Talents

Much like trying to bash in a nail with a big blunt hammer, slamming your target audience with every social media and digital advertising tool available is ineffective and messy.

SALT carefully selects a precision tool – or a combination of tools – to execute your custom-made strategy with pin-point perfection.

Business Consulting

Whether it’s a start-up or an established brick ‘n mortar business, every company gets stuck at some point. That’s where we come in.

SALT analyses your obstacles and creates a custom solution to slip around, or over them.

We love being the fix-it guys and get a kick from seeing the solutions we create move businesses from struggling to profitability, from mediocre to exceptional.

Online Marketing

Here’s the most valuable take-away we’ve gained from our extensive experience in online marketing: operating in disparate silos dooms your business to failure.

From design to content style and tone, from strategy to execution, every single letter you put online must have a linked form and function in order to succeed.

We take a bird’s eye view of online marketing, ensuring that every online action forms part of a well-orchestrated, cohesive strategy that fulfills a single objective: profitability.


As seasoned entrepreneurs, we’ve learned some tough lessons in our time. Top of the list is that no one else will spend your money as wisely as you do.

Whereas business owners will ensure every cent is well invested to generate revenue, an outside agency simply cannot have that commitment to ensuring top return for investment.

That is until SALT came along. Not only do we have a personal understanding of how important it is to make sure every cent of your sales and marketing budget is spent getting results, our unique business model ensures that it’s also in our best interest to deliver the best returns for your investment.

Quite simply, if you don’t get results we don’t make any money. This makes us partners who are fully invested in ensuring we perform as if it’s our own business.

About us

We’re the guys who launch a start-up with a pioneering new business model in the middle of a global pandemic.

Because, as seasoned entrepreneurs and digital sales and marketing experts, we don’t run scared from any crisis.

We find new ways to innovate, disrupt and turn any crisis into an opportunity.

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Why You Need a Shake Up in Your Life

Big or small, start-up or seasoned, no business in 2021 can afford to waste time or money on ‘hotshot’ digital marketing agencies that promise the world, demand up-front payment and then deliver sub-par results, or no results at all.

You need a performance agency that finds you customers online and makes actual sales. You need real, trackable results. You need your marketing and sales spend to go directly towards increasing turnover and growing profitability.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie to digital marketing and sales or a seasoned pro, SALT partners with you wherever you are on your journey and walks every step to success alongside you. Think of us as the unofficial member of your winning team.

You Need a Shake of SALT. It's as simple as that.

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